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Workshop Garage Shed 3.4(W)x8.5(D)x2.5(H)m Barn Door
September 8, 2016
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Workshop Garage Shed 4.2(W)x8.3(D)x2.5(H)m Barn Door
September 13, 2016
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Workshop Garage Shed 3.4(W)x8.3(D)x2.5(H)m Auto Roller Door

Product Code : YH3380RA


This shed is stylish, sturdy and cheap, and shown great details in actual photos from inside-out, not like the most sellers. You may get nasty surprises such as roof sinking etc!

Note: Unloading equipment/manpower assistance to unload required for Business delivery
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Item Description:

  • Better structural design and stronger Trusses ( can support light-weight people on the top of ridge)
  • Improved Design with Attention to Easier Installation(Snap-fit, less screw, less time)
  • Stronger formed galvanized ColorBond Steel panels(7 Ribs)
  • Plus Full Wall Bracing(Better against strong wind)
  • No rain water coming directly through door gaps
  • Structure Solid and Sound, No quality compromised and weather proof
  • Considered as up-medium shed
  • Higher stylish shed – 2.5m, not 2.3m which has no much overhead room
  • Import direct & Sale at below wholesale price!!!

Who would buy these workshops/garages? These sheds would be suitable for buyers who:

1) Are looking for a bargain

2) Are on a tight ‘workshop/garage’ budget

3) Want to have cheap and valued alternative solution to their storage, car protection, some work space etc.

Technical Support: Contact us on ( or 0478224558)



Roof Style:      See the Picture above

Shed Size:      3360mm x 8300mm(Width and Depth)

Overall Size:   3545mm x 8360mm(Width and Depth)

Foundation:     3450mm x 8500mm(Width and Depth)

Height:         2200mm(Wall)/2500mm(Ridge)

Door Size:       2620x1900mm(Aluminium roller door) and 850x2100mm(Single Door)

Support Beam:80 x 35mm Hot Dip Galvanized Steel

Metal Sheets:  Double pressed & galvanized ColourBond Steel


Carton A):       219 x 99 x 11cm(125kg)

Carton B):       219 x 99 x 11cm(100kg)

Carton C):       219 x 99 x 11cm(100kg)

Carton D):       219 x 99 x 11cm(110kg)

Carton E):       290 x 20 x 24cm(45kg)

Total Weight:  480kg

Weight 200 kg
Dimensions 300 x 98 x 20 cm
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