Workshop Garage Shed 4.2(W)x10(D)x2.5(H)m Barn Door
September 14, 2016
Garden Shed 2.6(W)x1.8(D)x2.0(H)m Skillion Roof Cream
August 22, 2017
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Workshop Garage Shed 3.4(W)x5.8(D)x2.5(H)m Auto Roller Door

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We have shown our products from inside to outside in detail, not like the most sellers

Item Description:

  • Improved Structure Design with Attention to Easy Installation(interlocking all support beams with bolts & nuts) and Stronger Structure Frames
  • 4 Sets of 80x35mm internal galvanized Support Frames
  • 4  of 80x35mm Roof Support Beams
  • Plus Full Wall Bracing
  • 2.73(w) x 1.9(h)m Roller Door
  • 0.326mm Thickness hot-dip galvanized ColourSteel Sheets
  • Structure Solid and Sound, No quality compromised and weather proof
  • Considered as up-medium to heavy duty shed
  • Huge savings off the RRP of around $3000
  • Import direct & Sale at below wholesale price!!!
Weight 170 kg
Dimensions 300 x 98 x 20 cm


Product Specification:

  • Colour: Cream or Green
  • Roof Style: Gable
  • Shed size: 3360mm x 5860mm(Width and Depth)
  • Overall size: 3545mm x 5860mm(Width and Depth)
  • Foundation size: 3460mm x 5860mm(Width and Depth recommended)
  • Height: 2150mm(Wall)/2480mm(Ridge)
  • Door Size: 2730 x 1900mm – Roller Door; 850x210mm – Single Door
  • Support Beam Size: 80 x 35mm Hot Dip Galvanized Steel
  • Metal Sheets: Double pressed & Hot-dip galvanized ColourSteel sheets

Carton Dimensions:

  • Carton A): 217cm x 96cm x 10cm(145kg)
  • Carton B): 217cm x 96cm x 10cm(144kg)
  • Carton C): 290cm x 20cm x 20cm(45kg)
  • Carton D):
  • Carton E):
  • Total Weight: 334kg

Who would buy these sheds? These sheds would be suitable for buyers who:

1) Are looking for a bargain and self-assembly to reduce the cost

2) Want a stylish and stronger with roller door shed that sits at the back of the garden

3) Are on a tight ‘shed’ budget, people who just want a shed in their back yard that is very cost effective, landlords, holiday homes, etc.

4) Are happy to have a generous size shed that stores all of those items that are clogging up the garage or pergola

5) Needs plenty of room to store; lawn mowers, ride-ons, small trailers, toys, pool and gardening equipment, even big enough to set up a Workshop

Honest appraisal and review about this item:

FINALLY!!! We have had so many enquiries about larger sheds and finally been able to source those sheds. It comes flat packed in cartons and with all accessories included, and is ready for assembly. This shed has 4 sets of galvanised steel support frames spreading across from the front to the back of shed. The roof has 4 galvanised steel support beams running from one side to another side of wall. You can see the structure in the photos. This provides an adequate structure support system for shed. The steel sheets are Hot Dip Galvanised and double pressed which is more than adequate to complete a sturdy shelter. Sheds come with a 5 year ‘no rust’ warranty. Assembly instructions are provided and electronic version is available on request.

If you have done your research, you would have noticed sheds of this size and quality are normally around $3000. We are able to offer highly discounted prices because we mainly sell online, buy in large quantities and accept small margins, and keep very low overhead. It is a more affordable alternative to the sheds that you can buy at your local retailers. This enables us to transport the sheds to all parts of Australia. We would consider these shelters to be a medium duty sheds. You can get better quality sheds on the market but they will cost 70% to 100% more. This is an opportunity for you to buy a up-medium to heavy duty shed with huge savings off the RRP of around $3000. We have sold at least a thousand sheds and carports and now broken it down to just sell the popular ones.

For Assembly, The structure of shed is jointed together by bolt&nuts. The sheets are secured onto the structure by self-taping screws(Hex Head). The average time for shelter assembly for 2 people is approximately 2 full days, not including base of course. It may take longer or shorter depending on your experience, tools, site access and how many helpers you have etc. The assembly process is relatively straight forward and steps to build are illustrated in the manual. Washers are not needed except for the roof screws which are supplied. A thick double sided adhesive tapes and silicone are also supplied to seal the joint sections. Of course it is up to the buyer to assemble the shed and also to determine the base type.

The shed is structurally sound and sturdy once assembled. The base can be concrete slab/timber/some sort of footing/even any solid flat surface. We have sold at least a thousand sheds and have now broken it down to just sell the popular ones. These sheds are suitable for: buyers on a tight budget, people who want a stylish and stronger shed in their back yard that is cost effective and above average quality storage, landlords, holiday homes, etc. Please note that some of these sheds may be slightly scratched or dented due to the transport process but are still very structurally sound.


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