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Portable Carport 3.3x6m Wrapping Roof – Suitable for any level floor!
September 3, 2016
Portable Carport 3.5×9.2m Gable Roof – Suitable for any level floor!!!
September 3, 2016
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Portable Carport 6.2×7.5m Gable Roof – Suitable for any level floor!!!

Product Code : CV67


Quality and value, versatile carport! Suitable for any solid level footing! Easy Assembly! Total weight is much heavier than the similar kind of steel products on the market!

Note: Unloading equipment/manpower assistance to unload required for Business delivery
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We have shown our products from inside to outside in detail, not like the most sellers

Hint: The same or similar product, total weight should be almost the same, Otherwise, quality would not be the same.(Ours 530kg)

Item Description:

  • Portable carports(Move to new location if required) and Suiable for any level floor
  • Setup easily by just inserting tubes together(Like setting up your camping tent or Self-assembly furniture)
  • 50x50mm and 1.8mm thickness galvanised steel tubes are used for the entire support structure
  • 0.35mm thickness colored steel sheets
  • 5 sets of support frames, 6 roof crossing beams and 2 footing beams(For easy intallation and any level floor)
  • Structure sturdy and sound, No quality compromised and Water leak proof
  • Considered as up medium to heavy duty carport/shelter
  • Huge savings off the RRP of over $3500
  • Import direct & Sale at below wholesale price!!!


  • Roof Style: See the Picture
  • Overall size: 6200mm x 7700mm(Width and Depth)
  • Frame size: 6000mm x 7500mm(Width and Depth)
  • Height: 3000mm(Wall)/3900mm(Ridge)
  • Door Size:
  • Support Beam Size: 50 x 50 x 1.8mm Hot Dip Galvinised steel tube
  • Material: 0.35mm Double pressed ColourSteel sheets


  • Carton 1): 220cm x 50cm x 16cm(75kg)
  • Carton 2): 220cm x 45cm x 11cm(81kg)
  • Carton 3): 220cm x 45cm x 11cm(81kg)
  • Carton 4): 220cm x 45cm x 16cm(129kg)
  • Carton 5): 170cm x 96cm x 3cm(93kg)
  • Carton 6): 200cm x 96cm x 3cm(99kg)
  • Carton 7): 220cm x 50cm x 16cm(72kg)
  • Carton 8): 
  • Can be collected from any depot/our warehouse with 7ft trailer or Ute or Van
  • Total Weight: 630kg

(Any similar products, total weight should not be much less. Either miss claiming thickness of posts & sheets or cut-corner.)

Weight 300 kg
Dimensions 220 x 98 x 20 cm


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