Garden Shed 1.8(W)x3.4(D)x2.0(H)m Skillion Roof
Garden Shed 1.8(W)x3.4(D)x2.0(H)m Skillion Roof
July 12, 2018
Garden Shed 1.8(W)x3.4(D)x2.0(H)m Skillion Roof
Garden Shed 1.8(W)x5.0(D)x2.0(H)m Skillion Roof
July 12, 2018
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Garden Shed 1.8(W)x4.2(D)x2.0(H)m Skillion Roof

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Note: Unloading equipment/manpower assistance to unload required for Business delivery
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We have shown our products from inside to outside in detail, not like the most sellers, So you will not get nasty surprised! 

Item Description:

  • 2m wall high, Not 1.8m sold in the market, Bumping head
  • With rain stopper at all door gaps, most of sheds not in the market
  • Full Wall bracing for added stability against strong wind
  • Deep Ribbed steel walls, roof and door for added rigidity
  • Hinged, lockable door for secure storage
  • Illustrated instruction booklet with photos makes installation easy
  • Hold-down brackets supplied with kit
  • Door can be installed at either end of the shed
  • Structure sound and sturdy, weather proof
  • Direct import & At below wholesale price!!!


Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 199 x 98 x 3 cm


Product Specification:

  • Roof Style:Skillion Roof
  • Overall size: 1400 x 3400 x 2000mm(Depth x Width x Height)
  • Shed size: 1290 x 3400 x 2000mm(Width x Depth x Height)
  • Foundation size: 1300 x 3410mm(Width and Depth recommended)
  • Height: 1800mm/2000mm
  • Door Size: 860mm x 1750mm(Width and Height, on 1.3m side)
  • Door Opening Size: 860mm(Width)
  • Material:  Double pressed ColourSteel sheets(0.326mm thick)

Carton Dimensions:

  • Carton A): 199 x 97 x 9cm(85kg)
  • Carton B):  
  • Carton C):  
  • Carton D):  
  • Total Weight: 85kg

This shed is a very handy and practical size. As well as being an affordable shed, it is relatively simple to assemble. It comes flat packed in two cartons and is ready for easy assembly. The steel sheets are Hot Dip Galvanized and double pressed which is more than adequate to complete a sturdy shed. We are able to offer highly discounted prices because we mainly sell online, buy in large quantities and accept small margins. Please note that some of these sheds may be slightly scratched or dented due to the transport process but are still very structurally sound.

It comes flat packed in cartons and is ready for self assembly. The steel sheets are Hot Dip Galvanized ColouredSteel and double pressed which is more than adequate to complete a sturdy shed. These sheds come with all of the support beams, rails, brackets, anchors, self-taping screws and assembly instructions. The assembly process is relatively straight forward and steps to build are illustrated by diagram in the manual. The average time for shed assembly for 2 people is approximately 4hrs, not including base of course. It may take longer or shorter depending on your experience, tools, site access and how many helpers you have etc

The shed is structurally sound and sturdy once assembled and bolted it down with the anchors to a concrete or wooden base. Of course it is up to the buyer to assemble the shed and also to determine the base type.

We have sold at least a thousand sheds and have now broken it down to just sell the popular ones. These sheds are suitable for: buyers on a tight budget, people who just want a shed in their back yard that is cost effective and simple humble storage, landlords, holiday homes, etc.

For assembly, the shed is put together by self-taping screws. You will need a drill to make pilot holes for the screws in some areas. Washers are not needed except for the roof screws which are supplied. A thick double sided adhesive tapes are also supplied to run between the walls and gables; the top of the walls and the ridge of the roof to help keep drought out.

Please allow up to 5 working days for Melbourne metro deliveries and up to 10 working days for all other deliveries around Australia to the Big Post Depots. In most cases, the delivery times are quicker. For more details about delivery are shown at the bottom of this listing.

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