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Portable Carports

Whether you are looking for portable carports, carport kits, temporary carport or a DIY carport – you can depend on the quality products from Mightymo Sheds & Carports. As one of Australia’s top online suppliers of highly functional sheds and carports, we have built a great reputation for our wide range of products made for various purposes. We stock many different types of carport kits, car sheds and car shelters to suit just about any home and vehicle model. So, if you’re after for a great looking and practical shelter for your car, boat or workshop, Mightymo Sheds & Carports will be sure to stock exactly what you need!

Carport Kit

Are you considering investing in a new carport kit? Our prices and quality products are unmatched! We sell several portable DIY carports, temporary carports and carport kits that are appropriate for various uses and available in many different sizes. Want a carport kit that’s easy to assemble? Our temporary carports are suitable for any level floor and can be set up easily by simply inserting the tubes together and screwing roof panels onto the frame, as you would for a camping tent or self-assembly furniture.

Our temporary carports are made up with function in mind first, which means you’ll be guaranteed a durable and long-lasting product. Carports are constructed with support frames, crossing beams, footing beams and colorbond roof panels, while 50x50mm and 1.8mm thick galvanised steel tubes offer support to the entire structure. So, if you’re looking for an exceptionally-priced carport kit – Mightymo Sheds & Carports are your one-stop-shop for the most versatile, quality and cheap portable carports around. To learn more our carport kits prices, check out our online store today.

Temporary Carport

Operating in the online market for many years, we’re proud of our status as an eBay PowerSeller – this means we give huge discounts off the RRP of portable and temporary carports. We import directly and sell at wholesale prices so you can benefit from the savings, quality and convenience of our products. Our carport kits come flat-packed in cartons with all instructions and accessories, ready for D.I.Y carport assembly. Depending on the size and your level of experience, tools and site access, the carport kit should take roughly one to two days with two people – less if you have more helpers on hand. We guarantee you won’t find an easier temporary carport to build.

Car Sheds & Shelter

Do you need reliable car sheds or a car shelter? We have sold thousands of portable carports to customers across Australia. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed – and if you don’t believe us, check out our eBay seller rating! For high quality car sheds and car shelters, you can rely on Mightymo Sheds & Carports to deliver.

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